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Welcome to Scotia Chiropractic Health Centre Inc.!

Dr. Lisa Richard

Dr. Lisa Richard

Lower Sackville Chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Richard

Here at Scotia Chiropractic Health Centre Inc., our main purpose is to improve the health of our Lower Sackville patients and help them stay well through chiropractic care.

We utilize a variety of techniques to accomplish this and are always educating ourselves on current health trends.

We encourage our patients to choose their own health goals, and then support them on their journey. Remember, you are in charge.

Chiropractic for Families

Chiropractic is for people of all ages and we are a family focused practice serving children and adults.

Whether you’ve been to a chiropractor before, or are looking to try chiropractic for the first time, we’re here to help answer your questions and address your concerns.

We look forward to helping you discover new hope for chronic problems and easy solutions for new injuries. Call our Lower Sackville chiropractic office today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Lisa Richard | Lower Sackville Chiropractors

New hope through chiropractic for Sackville and Halifax Regional Municipality communities